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Democratizing biochemical analysis

At Bitome, we have a single mission: to deliver better tools to the people that need it. We make purpose-built tools to serve wide ranging industry needs. By taking a user-centric approach to designing cutting edge detection devices, we allow customers to answer complex biochemical questions. We believe this work matters and may just change the world.

Technology to start a revolution

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the most powerful technique in the analytical toolbox. NMR is a unique noninvasive technology able to probe the atomic nature of matter – regardless of it being a tissue biopsy, a chemical mixture, processed food, or a complex biofluid. In just the last few years, we’ve redesigned the classical NMR from the ground-up using innovative microsystem engineering principles, resulting in a cost-effective and intuitive platform. For the first time in history, anyone can now leverage the power of NMR.


Need lots of samples analyzed in parallel? Great! We make inexpensive tools that can be deployed at any scale.

Easy integration

Already have an existing workflow? No problem. Bitome’s solution is easy to connect with other software & hardware.

Push-button operation

Not interested in learning a new skill set? Perfect, because we made our interface with you in mind.

Versatile technology for wide ranging applications

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